Sunday Night Thoughts


Good Sunday evening.  Finally I get a chance to relax.  After going out to eat, Pam and I went out for a walk.  When we got back I started counting and rolling our change offering.  Each month we do a special offering for missions.  This month we are doing a change offering called the “5&2 Challenge” which reminds us that God can do great things with small things just like the boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  The offering helps fund a “gap”fund for World Hope International.  This organization is a para church organization of the Wesleyan Church and functions in some ways like Compassion International but on a greater scale.  Our offering goal is $200 for the month of October.  Over the first three weeks, we collected $154+ in change. This week we doubled that amount, bringing our change total to over $300.  This is exciting with one week to go.  I’m now hoping we can top the $400 mark.

While I was working on counting the change, I kept hearing the well pump kick on and off, like someone was using the water.  I checked the dishwasher, and the clothes washer – nothing.  Checked all the bathrooms in the house – nothing. Outside faucet – nothing. Downstairs kitchen – nothing. Laundry room – nope!  I even tried seeing if we had a leak in a pipe somewhere, but to no avail.  Finally the lights came on and I wondered if the church shared the well.  I went over to the church and checked the upstairs restroom – here we go again – nothing.  Then downstairs – finally found the culprit. The men’s restroom down stairs was the problem.  Guess I’ll have to check that on the way out of the church now.  By the time I had all that figured out it was 7:30.

It’s been a good weekend.  On Friday evening, Our family led an evening of praise and prayer at Emmaus Road.  The worship Friday night was amazing.  The Holy Spirit was very evident as we worshiped our God and Savior through music.  I’ve decided to do a night of music like this at McCrae Brook this winter.

The three of us had a good day as we headed to Elk County to see if we could find some Elk.  Apparently most of them were in hiding.  But we were also able to make a hospital visit on the way home.

This morning I preached on Bridging the Past to the Future as I talked about the vision that God has given me for McCrae Brook.  It was a good message as we recalled how God has worked in the past at McCrae Brook and how we now feel his is continuing to work in the lives of our congregation.

Thursday, Pam and I went to our monthly district meeting.  We love going there and we learned more how to develop good preaching skills.  Our DS moved us around – because like creatures of habit, we always sit with the same people.  Pam ended up at a table where she knew just one or two, but was the experienced preacher of the group.  And Pam hasn’t preached much.  I ended up, ironically, at a table with many of the people I normally sit with.  As usual they served us lunch and we had Mexican, with burritos and rice and salad.  It was wonderful.

Next Sunday our church holds our first Trunk or Treat. Pam and I are looking forward to this event.  We are keeping it small and simple for the first year and build from there.  As I preach next week, I will be remembering the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing 95 theses to the door of Wittenburg Chapel.

So that about completes this weeks epistle.  Have a great one!

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