Pressing On | A Running Update


I have gotten out of the habit of writing these, but thought it was time.  The summer has come and gone and we are now in fall.  In fact, here in The Brook, we are past peak, meaning the color has come and gone and the more trees don’t have leaves than trees that have them.  Summer was very good on the running front.  I had five (100+) mile months in a row.  The last time that happened was in 2013 and I was training for the Richmond Marathon.  I only have 39 miles for the month, but if I get my act together and get some long runs in, I should be able to get 100 miles for October.

My goals for 2017 were:

  1. More miles (run and walk) than 2016 which was 976. I am currently at 778 – so I have 220+ miles to go.
  2. A thousand miles or more of running and walking.
  3. At least 1,017 km of running.  I currently stand 49 km short of that goal.  It looks like that will be the first one I reach.

One of the reasons I’m writing today, is that I just ran one of my best runs of the season.  My initial goal was just to go out and do an easy Saturday run – nothing too long or too fast.  As it turns out, it was one of my best paced runs of 2017 – especially considering the distance of 7 miles.  I was ecstatic about this run – 7.1 miles at a 9:44 pace and two of those miles were faster than a 9:30 pace.  One of my goals is to stay on track over the winter so that I can work on that pace as soon as it gets warm again.

Right now, it’s just going to take some perseverance and that’s what pressing on is all about!


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