Sunday Night Thoughts


It is good to be back home in The Brook.  This past weekend, we took a trip to Staunton to help some friends with a big church event.  It was so good to see our friends under much better circumstances than the last time.  I helped out by setting up sound and running it. We also got to see some friends at Cracker Barrel and Chick-fil-A, as well as do some “city” shopping.  We checked out quite a few of the stores that we don’t have close by here.  We are thankful to our good friends for providing wonderful hospitality.  On Friday evening, they hosted a campfire and I led some worship songs.

Unfortunately I caught a cold, so the trip home was a little crazy.  I was glad we decided to start out early – before church.  It was weird, because we don’t often travel on Sunday mornings.  As an example, as we were passing a church in Winchester, I commented that there were a lot of cars there – not remembering that it was Sunday.

On the way home we checked out “The Coffee Pot” which is a restored highway attraction.  It used to sit right on the Lincoln Highway, which is now known as US 30.  It was a nice diversion.  Our trip both ways was uneventful.  It is good to be back home here in Eldred.  We are looking forward to what God continues to have in store here.

This week we have a few doctors appointments and are looking forward to our daughter and kids coming this weekend.  I will be leading worship this Thursday at our Leadership Development meeting. God continues to do amazing things and we continue to look toward what he is going to do.  Blessings….

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