Sunday Night Thoughts


The culmination of several weeks work happened today.  It was one of those weeks – even though I didn’t have to drive van – that I just didn’t seem to have enough hours.  But it has been a good week and it’s been an more amazing day.  Again – and I don’t want to ever presume on God or take his mercy for granted – we were granted merciful favor from God.  Let me back up just a little bit.

Wednesday night we restarted our prayer meeting.  It was tough to do it over the summer so we thought it would be best to not meet during the summer.  There was a wonderful spirit of prayer as we met.  I am convinced that a praying church is a church that will do great things – because without the Holy Spirit working – without His anointing, we can do nothing.

It’s been a week of spiritual battle in a way…I can’t tell you how many times I sat down to write my sermon – and the worIds just wouldn’t flow.  We continue to pray for the young people of our church – some need physical healing – some need spiritual healing – some need other types of healing.

On Friday night, we did lead worship at Emmaus Road. That is always a great time and this week we followed the Holy Spirit’s lead and He led us somewhere different. I am thankful for leaders who can do that.

So that brings us back to today.  We held Back-to-Church Sunday today – we will be away next week in Virginia helping some friends of ours.  It all started with breakfast followed by Bible Jeopardy, which was followed by worship and then a chili cook-off.  It was a wonderful day of worship and fellowship.  We had one person who had never attended McCrae Brook come and doesn’t go to church anywhere else – that’s what it is all about.

The rest of the day I spent relaxing after helping setup and tear down.  I’ve also been watching the news reports of Hurricane Irma – and praying as we hear the news.  By the way – here is a great organization who has responded to Harvey and more than likely following Irma will be on the ground there as well.  The video is from World Hope International.

That’s all I have for today.  Have a great week.

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