Running Update

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This was supposed to be written yesterday, but there were many things to do and I need to stop my legs from cramping.  This week was a good running week.  I did a 6 miler, and 5 mile speed work session, alternating running and walking to work on my speed, several 4 mile walks, but what I am most proud of this week is yesterday’s long run.

Yesterday, I was able to run 11 miles.  Yes, I’ve run 11 miles before, lots of times, but this one was a well earned 11 miler.  I did not struggle with much of the run.  Only the last  mile and a half was truly tough.  The reason I was so happy with this run is that it was an 11 miler at at less than a 10 minute mile pace.  I’ve struggled with that pace on short runs.  What that means is that I’m really going to have to kick up my game on the short runs. But I also think that going back to my stretching and core routines is beginning to help that as well.  I only have 15 miles for the month, but tomorrow looks like a good run day.  The rest of September awaits. It will require some perseverance to beat last September at 150 miles., but I will be happy with anything in the 120 to 130 mile range.

That’s what it means to press on!

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