Sunday Night Thoughts


As you can see, I finally put together a new header for this weekly feature.  This Sunday night post is the longest running – the first post was way back in May of 2006.  That’s a long time in terms of blogging.  It seems hard to believe that I have been at this over eleven years.  This Sunday night feature is the most regular of the features. As I recall, I can count the number of times I’ve missed this post on one hand. That’s amazing to me – over 572 Sundays have occurred and I’ve missed less than 5.

I have made a goal of writing one thinking post a week and I’m trying to do that on Wednesdays.  Before I get to the regular stuff, let me make mention of a couple of resources that I’ve been using for the blog lately.  I have really made an effort to make sure my images are not random images found on the internet, but pictures to which I have the rights to post.  Two sites I’ve been getting pictures from of late are:

In addition, I have been using something called Quotescover for the Tuesday Quotes.  I’ve also used it to create the header for the Sunday Night posts.  That may be another idea for a Wednesday post down the line.  This week we are going to look at something called the “Burnt-over District.”

The last 48 hours have been quite amazing.  It all started as we got ready to lead worship at Emmaus Road.  This is a worship service started by First Wesleyan in Bradford, PA.  We were asked to come and lead worship for a Friday night service.  We do it in an acoustic style.  The musical worship on Friday night was electric.  Not electric instruments, but the Holy Spirit was evident in a huge way.  That spirit has continued.  After I got back from my run yesterday, some of our musicians at church were practicing so I joined them for a jam session.  It all came to a peak this morning during our service.  The Holy Spirit was evident.  Our District Superintendent was here for his annual visit.  He spoke on the power of humility from 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.  It was a powerful service.

This is James’ last week before he returns to Houghton.  Things are picking up here.  Pam will be joining me on several of my runs during the week as a transportation aide.  This week our community ministerial association will be feeding the local teachers during their in-service days and Thursday night our company will have a dinner for the drivers.

This past week, I noticed that it is now getting noticeably darker in the mornings and evenings, which means fall is on its way – and the leaves are starting to change.  Speaking of fall and back to school, we are having a back-to-school service this coming Sunday and will be praying for our students, teachers, teachers aides, staff, administration, and transporters.  This is always a special time of the year.   It is hard to believe the summer is almost over.

That’s about all I have for tonight. Blessings….


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