Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on a Sunday night in mid-August – how did that happen?  Today has been a wonderful day of ministry.  It followed a wonderful two weeks of a working vacation.  First at Houghton College for Refresh and then this week with our daughter and her two darling little children.  Her husband Michael joined her on Monday and then on Wednesday, we went to Allentown to see my mom and dad.  On Thursday we went to one of our favorite amusement parks – Knoebels’s Grove in Elysburg, PA.  We had a great time taking Robert on the rides.  He thoroughly enjoyed it and was a great trooper.  Baby Anna did good…you can only imagine the over stimulation a 6th month old would get at a amusement park.  It was so good to be with family.  We have wanted to go to Knoebel’s for several years now and finally got the chance.  Hopefully it won’t be so long until we make a return trip.

Spending time with family and relaxing would sum up the last week.  It’s been two Fridays now since I have led worship at Emmaus Road, but am looking forward to this Friday leading worship again.  This week is a bit of a down week once more as we get ready for the fall season.  Our District Superintendent will be here this coming Sunday for his annual visit.  Pam preached today on the subject of faithfulness.  So I get one more week of not preaching…we will finish up with the Fruit of the Spirit, looking at Gentleness and Self-control and then on September 10th we have National Back-to-Church Sunday. Yes, we will be a week early, but there are other things in the works for the next week.

We had a good service this morning.  Pam did a great job preaching despite her voice being a little scratchy.  Once again we had a good crowd in church.  We need to redo the video – thanks to me 😦  The highlight of the day was this evening as we invited some families over for S’mores.  I think this will be the start of a Sunday evening family activity once a month.  Really looking forward to that.

That’s about all I have. We appreciate your prayers.  Blessings…


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