What the Minister of God Needs…


I’ve really wanted to start doing more original writing.  There are several posts that I’d like to do and what I am going to try to do is write them on Wednesday.  

Earlier this week, there was a discussion on the Wesleyan Pastor’s Facebook page.  It is a closed discussion page for Wesleyan Pastors.  There was a link to a particular video and it was two well-known television preachers talking about faith and the things that God is challenging them about.  That was the jumping off point as it were.  The person who posted the video, also asked a question, “What does the minister of the Gospel need?”

I think that is a great question.  So many times when we look at that question, we look at the externals.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have…. You can fill in the blanks.  I know that over the years I have done that.  All of us have the things that we think would be nice to “do” ministry.  We might even think that we need them.  That varies from church to church.  There are churches that might think you need the latest sound, video, and lighting – with a happening worship band.  There are churches that think you need a coffee bar – I’ll admit, I think that would be cool.  Some think they might need a private jet to be able to be anywhere in the country.  Anyway, I think you see what I am driving at.

As I’ve gotten older, the Lord has been teaching me.  All those things above, those are nice, but what is really needed.  What do I need in order that the gospel might be spread throughout McKean County.

The Wesleyan Church currently has a vision statement that goes like this: “Celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple until the Wesleyan Church has a transforming presence in every zip code.”  (That’s a post for another week – it also has come to mind as a result of a Facebook conversation.)

What does the minister of the Gospel need?  Number one…without hesitation…is the power of the Holy Spirit working in their life.  You might have guessed that from the picture that goes with this post.  Jesus’ own words stated, “Without me you can do nothing.”  Oh, how I’ve learned that over the last year.  I am thankful that God has taught me to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of ministers and his church.

I’ve mentioned before that Pam and I read through the book “Ablaze for God” by Wesley Duewel.  The stories in that book about men (specifically, but I believe also applies to women who are ministers of the Gospel) who were captured by the Holy Spirit – that the Holy Spirit was evident in their life.  Stories of men and women weeping on their way to church, because of the Holy Spirit conviction of the one who was preaching.

I’ve mentioned it several times over the last few months, I am thankful for God’s favor. I believe that is because Pam and I have been seeking the work of the Holy Spirit in our life.  The people of McCrae Brook have been seeking that…in addition, we have been sending out a prayer letter to those outside our church.  While we were away at campmeeting, I was humbled to find out that the leadership of one of our larger churches in our district prays for us – specifically – using the prayer requests I have given. We have many people praying for the work at McCrae Brook.  People have been asking what we are doing. Here is what the minister of the Gospel needs:

  • The power of the Holy Spirit working in their life.
  • The need to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and his calling.
  • To love the Lord their God with all of their heart, mind, soul, and strength.
  • They need to love and care for the people to whom they have been called to serve.
  • Not only to they need to love and care for their own congregation, but one of the things that we have discovered, is also loving and caring for our community – whether they attend our church or not.  For the first time, in our ministry, I truly feel like one of the community pastors.  That is God working in me and not of my own doing.  (Loving their neighbor as themselves.)

All of those other things that I mentioned might be nice – but those five things I’ve just mentioned are where that I pray the Lord works in my life.


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