Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

It has been a great week.  The last 48 hours have been kind of crazy, but since last Sunday afternoon we have been part of Refresh Retreat and Family Camp.  It is the “camping” ministry of the Western New York District of the Wesleyan Church.  Camping is in quotes, because forget what you know about camping and camping ministry.

(Now Listening to…Third Day – Revival) – This album was just released on Friday. I learned about it over on Facebook a few minutes ago and am listening to it on Spotify.  Very different for a Third Day album.  

Houghton College is the site of our Family Camp – so no camping in tents – trust me that didn’t go real well.  We struggled with that many years ago at Family Camp in Vassar, MI.  We stay in dorms, but before you think of the typical family camp dorm – we had a nice two bedroom apartment complete with kitchen, dining room and living room.  It was very nice.  Our services were held in Wesley Chapel.  All the buildings except the dorms and apartments are air-conditioned.  We had a great softball game on Tuesday night along with many, many activities.  In addition we had wonderful seminars in the morning.  Those followed a 20 minute musical worship set.  It was great.  During camp, I was also able to keep up with my running, which is good, because the food was awesome.  We also ate in the campus dining facility will their regular food services.

Friday morning, our family split up, they headed south to home and I headed north to Syracuse to pick up Rebecca, Robert, and Anna.  Michael heads south tomorrow morning. During my trip, I passed through Waterloo, NY (Birthplace of Memorial day), Seneca Falls (Home of the the first women’s rights convention – held in a Wesleyan Church), and almost passed through Auburn, NY, home to Harriet Tubman (founder of the Underground Railroad.) I do plan on doing a post in the next couple of weeks about the “Burnt-over District.”

Since I got home on Friday night, I have been preparing for worship today.  We had a good service this morning.  I led the musical worship and preached.  In addition we had communion as well.  It was a good service and the sermon ended up going in a little different direction than I had originally planned. But I believe that was the Holy Spirit working.

This week we are spending time with our kids before heading to Allentown, so that mom and dad can see their great grandchildren.  Looking forward to that and going to Knoebels Amusement Park later this week.

As I wrap it up, I thank you for your prayers.  This past week, I learned about a church (that is much larger than us) that has been praying for us weekly – that the Holy Spirit’s power would empower everything we do.  That is my prayer for McCrae Brook and for you as well.  Blessings….

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