Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Wow! it’s quiet around here.  This was a different kind of week. We had a holiday – no one had to go to work – Anna was off for two weeks for a brief Summer break. She goes back for Summer School tomorrow.  Just an hour and a half on Monday and Tuesdays – so it’s not too bad.  Pam and I are going to make plans around those days to exercise while she is in school saving us some trips.  I go back to van driving on Wednesday for another three weeks and then we get another break.

Last Monday we took our grandson back to Syracuse.  It was fun but exhausting – he is quite all boy and quite a bit of a bundle of energy.  We had great fun with him, especially celebrating Canada Day on July 1st.  We however took it easy on the 4th, especially with Anna in recovery mode.  It was nice to just get the needed tasks done. I haven’t had many of those kind of weeks.

This week I had two opportunities to play.  My regular opportunity on Friday night at Emmaus Road.  We did learn that the church that sponsors the service has voted to continue it for another year! This is a major praise as they try to reach the city of Bradford for Jesus.

We had originally planned to go south to York County, PA for a family event, but Anna was still not up for the long trip.  So instead I took up an invitation to play at a local Christian Music Festival.  I did the acoustic thing and had a great time.  There was a little praise and worship, a little southern-style acoustic rock, a country ballad and so on.  We love partnering with our friends over at First Wesleyan.

I even made two contacts with some local pastor friends of mine about future activities.  God is on the move in McKean County.  We are excited about what God is doing and look forward to the next things he has in store for us.

Which brings us to today.  We had a good service.  I preached on the having the fruit of peace.  We looked at the difference between what we think peace is and what peace (or Shalom) is.  Shalom is a harmony, peace, wholeness, completeness. It was God’s original intention for his creation.  Several in the congregation were visible touched by the sermon.  Like I said, God is on the move.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Blessings….


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