Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

A little early today, but since I’m awake to do it now, instead of after my nap.  We just got back from a wonderful meal at Sprague’s Maple Farms. Those of you from the Southern Tier know what I mean.  The kids took me out for Father’s Day.  Which Happy Father’s Day to all my father readers.

It’s been a good week here in the Brook.  I finished up my first official season of driving van and bus for the year.  We start back the week after July 4th, but I have a few weeks to break.

Summer has arrived – with both heat and humidity.  It was warm in church this morning – more on that later.

Yesterday was our district conference. This was our first District Conference in two years, because of the timing of our move. It also was our first District Conference as part of the Western New York District and pastors of the McCrae Brook Wesleyan Church.  Here in Western New York, it is a one day gathering.  Part of that is because we gather at other times of the year – our district doesn’t spread over a large geographic area, so we can get together on a regular basis.  Our church was recognized several times.  1) we were recognized for a 13% gain in attendance. 2) we gave 10% of our income to missions and 3) we were in the top 4 per capita giving in our district for giving to Global Partners.  Pam and I are excited to be part of a church like McCrae Brook.  We also got to see our good friend Wayne Richards, who now is with Habitat for Missions.  I love how this organization is partnering with churches for missions.  It was also to be with so many of our district friends.

We continue to be part of Emmaus Road, which is a ministry of First Wesleyan Church in Bradford.  This week, I led worship by myself.  We had a great spirit of worship.  God is on the move in McKean County and Western New York.

One last thing for today and that is that today was an exciting day.  Pam preached and I led the children’s worship.  We had 41 in worship this morning.  The only other Sunday we have had that many was on Easter Sunday and that was over two services.  I am beyond excited and many people were touched by Pam’s message.  Just last week we had 21 in worship, but we are now back to averaging 29 for the month of June!  It’s always amazing how God works, because it was hotter than a firecracker in church today.  I think it was somewhere around 85, even with the windows open. But God’s presence overcame all that.

That’s about all I have for this week. Blessings…

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