Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

[This is version 2 of this post. The other version disappeared – lost in cyberspace.]

My first thought as I pulled up the logo for the top of this post was, “this really needs updating.” Perhaps I just might work on that this week. As I write this tonight, I am listening to a playlist that I have made in Spotify and trying to relax and rejuvenate. Right now I am listening to an arrangement of “Immortal, Invisible” called “Your Great Name We Praise.” It was arranged by Bob Kauflin and adds a new chorus. Bok Kauflin was the keyboardist and song writer for the band Glad in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Speaking of the 80’s – that’s where the temperature ended up today.  After a very rainy, dreary couple of weeks, the sun poked it’s head out Thursday and it has been gorgeous.  We went from Spring to summer. I finally had to get serious about the air conditioners in the house.

God’s favor was apparent this morning as we gathered to worship. That would be the theme of the last few months – God’s favor.  Pam and I have been able to be used in ways that we never imagined.  The seeds of the Gospel are being planted.  We are been used by God to spread his word in McKean and Potter Counties.

All of this happened despite two emotional weeks.  Two Sunday nights ago, we were sitting with friends from Virginia as we mourned a dear friends tragic death.  Pam and I were again the comforting end of the spectrum this week – as we ministered comfort to a family from this area.  I am amazed how God is working.

As I already mentioned, God’s favor was apparent this morning as I tackled the topic of the Trinity – this idea of a God who is Three and yet one.  God helped me preach this message.

So it’s time to sign off – have a great week and blessings…

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