Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Wow!  Tonight was the capstone of several months work. Our community ministerial association gathered together and we held a Baccalaureate Service for the seniors of our local high school.  We have been working on this service since we moved here.  It was a wonderful evening that celebrated our students and honored God as well.  I am so proud of our seniors and proud of our community.  In many ways, this brings to a close the first year in the ministerium.  We will take a bit of a break during the summer, however, we usually do some kind of lunch for the teachers right before school starts.

11 Years Old

Today the blog turns 11…what?  How did that happen.  I started this blog on the third Sunday night of May, after a homecoming service at Preston.  Who knew it would last this long?

This week we are preparing for the Memorial Day parade in Eldred.  Our community is very patriotic and they have been holding a Memorial Day parade for many years and I really want to see us be part of it.  We are planning the float this week.  Other than that we are kicking back just a bit this week.

I initially neglected to mention that we had a surprise guest this morning – a bat.  He started flying around the sanctuary while I was playing and singing before Sunday School.  Believe it or not – I opened a door and within 5 minutes, he left himself out.

We did have a good service this morning and God was with us.  I could tell people were tuned into the message…I am thankful for God’s favor and grace as the pastor of McCrae Brook.  That about takes care of it.  Have a great week!


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