Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on the first Sunday evening of May.  Today felt a little more like March or April and we have been getting a bit moldy – it’s been raining here – a lot!  One of my district pastoral friends asked on Facebook today, “What is that bright light in the sky?”  I replied, “I don’t know.  What is this bright, round light in the sky of which you speak?”  The last day we saw any significant sun was Wednesday.  We have had lots of clouds and quite a bit of rain, although we dodged the snow they were calling for this morning.  Tomorrow the weather should take a turn for the better. Even as I write the clouds are breaking up a bit.

This week, it looks like things return a little bit more back to normal.  Last week, Pam and I had to take care of our annual service reports.  We had a local ministerium meeting and a Community National Day of Prayer Service.  I really enjoyed worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Eldred United Methodist Church.  I led the musical worship.

We have a few weeks until our conference year is over.  On Friday, James came home for the summer.  It is good to have James home again.  We did go to a nice Mexican place yesterday.  El Mariachi in Olean is a great place to eat.  Good value for the money.  We were going to do that on Friday, but it was a little crazy.

That sums up the week for the most part.  We had a good service this morning as I preached about missions giving.  Most of the message was about Jesus’ Great Commission.  We also took up our annual Faith Promises for missions.  I am excited to see how much was promised based on the Lord’s direction for missions at McCrae Brook this year.  With that – I’m about done.  I hope you have a wonderful week.


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