Running Update

ef56baddc3a1170f6c63a0e87b955102The picture to the right is so true.  It’s a take off on an old Yogi Berra quote.  Actually most running is mental – there are the mental games that you need to play.  While May started off on a good note on Monday, the rest of the week was tough – there were way too many things to be done and when those things weren’t needing to be done it was raining.  The weather here has taken a turn for the colder…however, I was determined that if I got up this morning and it wasn’t raining, I was going for a run.  It wasn’t a long distance run in the traditional sense, but I did 6 miles.  With the way I cut back mileage this week, I really need to do a couple of 5 milers, a short three miler and a long…say 8 miler next week.  I kept telling myself to just keep persevering and that is how I took care of 6 miles this morning.  I just need to keep winning the mental games.  Pressing On!


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