Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

This week’s edition, as you can tell is a little earlier than usual.  In about an hour, Pam, Anna and I will be heading north to Houghton so she and Anna can attend a pastor’s wives gathering.  I don’t think I will feel like writing when I get back, so….that’s why you’re getting this now.  As I write I’m listening to something called the Daily Mix on Spotify.  It is a playlist generated by the music I listen to on Spotify.  This particular list is based on classic CCM – Dana Key, Paul Clark, Andrus Blackwood & Co., ect.

It’s been a good week here in the McCrae Brook valley.  We have been making plans for several things on the horizon.  We have a community National Day of Prayer service coming up on Thursday and we are also making plans for our Baccalaureate Service.  These community services have been keeping me busy.  As I have mentioned, we have a good group of community clergy and I love working with them.

My bi-vocational position continues to go well and it looks like I will be pursuing a CDL to drive the larger busses. I have been regularly subbing on the smaller busses.  It does provide a challenge.

This week we (the church) are preparing to take cookies to the church in support of Teacher Appreciation Week.  It’s one of the things about being in a small community and I love it.

We did have a good worship service this morning.  We had a representative from Gideons here this morning.  He did a good job explaining the role of Gideons in missions. We are thankful for his presentation this morning.

That about wraps it up for the week.  Have a great week!

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