Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

He Is Risen! – He is Risen Indeed!  This was the greeting of the early Christians – not only on Easter but it was an identifying mark.  Today we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  We had two power services today as we celebrated that fact.  Jesus is alive and reigning!  Our services were full of music.  We even had music during the sermon during the second service.  Pam did a great job of bringing the word during the sunrise service.  It was a wonderful day.

We have been enjoying having my parents here since Friday.  Friday night we attended Emmaus Road – a service by First Wesleyan in Bradford.  God continues to use this service, but our church there needs your prayers as they decide how they want to continue that service.

Yesterday, we took my mom and dad to Kinzua Bridge – It is well worth the trip if you come to visit us and then we took a trip to the Zippo/Case Museum.  It was a great day and we finished up with pizza and wings.  As I already said, it was a great day as we celebrate the resurrection.

This week we also had a Maundy Thursday service.  It is a powerful service as we remember Jesus’ new commandment to love each other as He has loved us.  We have enjoyed having James home for the week.  He had a whole week off for Easter break.  He heads back to school tomorrow and we say goodbye to my mom and dad as they head back home.

On the running front, I was able to get in two weeks of twenty miles – this is very good and I hope to continue this week.  That’s about all I’ve got.  Have a great week!


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