Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

What a gorgeous day here in the brook.  That’s what the locals call our little hollow.  We woke up to a chilly 25 degrees, but clear skies.  Down the brook we had some fog but the sun quickly burnt that off and by noon, we knew we were going to have a gorgeous day on our hands.  We hit almost 60 degrees on April 2

Like I wrote yesterday, this weekend is our one-year anniversary of candidating at McCrae Brook.  Tomorrow (a year ago) we woke up to 4 inches of snow as we headed off to church.

IMG_1265 (2)

A picture captured by our District Superintendent on the morning following our candidating.  It was April 3rd.  Today was quite a different day.  

It’s been another busy week. I’ve never really dealt with a Lenten season that felt like an Advent season.  Like I’ve said in the past, there are quite a few plates spinning in the air.

This past week we finished up with our Lenten Luncheon series as a community.  It really was an amazing 4 weeks as we journeyed to the cross together.  It was great to see the spirit of unity.  I would guess we averaged close to 70 people each Wednesday, except for the blowing, cold week.  Each pastor presented a wonderful message – each focused on the Christ that we serve.  I was in charge of putting the bulletin and worship together for each week.  The last week, we even did a responsorial psalm.

In addition our community clergy are working on putting a Baccalaureate service together.  That is going well.  I am part of the team putting that together as well.

And one more thing on my plate is our community choir.  I am so excited and I can’t wait to present our concert next Sunday night.  For being a small community, we have some wonderful musicians.  If you are in the Olean, Bradford, Eldred, Port Allegany area, I encourage you to come on out to Duke Center United Methodist on Sunday night at 7 PM.  You will be blessed!  We had a great final practice tonight.

I even did a wedding this past Saturday.

The thing I am most excited about is the spirit of our services lately.  God helped me to preach a difficult sermon and I could tell many in our congregation were touched.  I am so thankful for what God is doing.

This week looks a little easier compared to the last couple of weeks, but Easter and Holy Week are on their way.  Looking forward to sharing the gospel over the next few weeks.  That’s about all I’ve got.  Have a great week.


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