Sunday Night Thoughtss

It is late evening on a Sunday night.  A Sunday night that has left my heart full.  It has been an incredibly full week.  But let me start at the beginning.  Since we interviewed at McCrae Brook, God has been laying on my heart the need for revival – by the way – not just at McCrae Brook, but in all of God’s church, for our county, state, country and world.  God has been laying on my heart the need for the church to be at prayer and even (as I have been learning lately) for individual believers to be at prayer.  Over this past week, we have been preparing ourselves for our services that began today.  More about that in a moment.

I do want to put a plug in for the book again “Ablaze for God.” This book is powerful.  The church needs to read this book – whether you are a pastor, lay leader, or a member of the congregation.  I believe this book describes how to attain a heart for God. It’s not an easy read, but it is a needed read for all of us.

Pam and I have had several things on our plate this week.  The first was the Lenten Luncheon.  I am so excited about what is happening in our community.  The weather (I believe) kept our numbers down this week.  But I have been excited at churches reach across denominational lines to gather together for lunch and a devotional during Lent.  It has really been amazing.

Also this week, another community pastor and I met to help plan a Baccalaureate Service for our graduating seniors in the community.  As part of that service, we are awarding a local graduating student scholarship. We didn’t have any funds raised so the churches of the ministerial association hosted a dinner fundraiser.  We had chicken and biscuits.  I didn’t know chicken and biscuits was a thing this far north but it is.  The community really came out to support the fundraiser and we are thankful.  Each church was responsible for parts of the dinner and then we all came together to serve the meal.

In addition to all of that, I am directing the community choir for a program on Palm Sunday. We are using music that I have used before at Parkway and Preston Wesleyan Churches.  It is called “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”. It has several Getty tunes, several Chris Tomlin songs, supported by several traditional hymns.  I am looking forward to directing this.  We have some wonderfully talented musicians in our little, rural corner of the world.  We meet every Thursday evening.



On Friday nights, we are assisting our friends over at First Wesleyan in Bradford with a coffeehouse service.  This week the family led worship.  They did a great job.  Please be praying for this endeavor, because our meeting place has decided they don’t want to do the coffeehouse…pray for wisdom and discernment as the team figures out what to do.

Which finally brings us back to today.  Pastor Joe Payne from the Hess Road Wesleyan Church is our evangelist.  We have been praying over many, many months for these series of services.  Because our regular worship leader was sick, I led worship and I have served as the song evangelist.  It’s a different role because I am doing that as the pastor of the church.  We had two powerful services, but tonight was special.  The Holy Spirit showed up – made himself manifest and hearts were touched.  We are thankful for the ministry of Pastor Joe.

I am looking forward to the next three nights of revival.  Tomorrow we take our guest out to Sprague’s.  It is a local restaurant that also has a working maple syrup operation.  They make some great pancakes and great breakfast.

Oh, I forgot, then there was that snowstorm.  We didn’t get what most of the rest of the Northeast got.  In fact, the kids in our district went to school all week – no closings or delays.  This despite 6 or 7 inches of snow and then the blowing snow on Wednesday.  We have some hardy people here in Northwest PA.



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