Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on the first Sunday night of March.  Since last Sunday, it seems like we have been through a multitude of seasons.  Warm, cold, rain, snow and then this morning we woke up to -3.  One of the coldest mornings of the season – if not the coldest.  It’s been a very strange winter and tomorrow we head to the 50’s.

Not only have we gone through all kinds of seasons weather-wise.  We have been to Canada and back.  We were able to witness the baptism of our brand new grand daughter, Anna.  It was a wonderful and meaningful service.  I also loved that they did it within the context of a regular worship service.  We got to spend a little time with the other grandparents as well.  Canada wasn’t much colder than here and by the time we got back to Central New York, it was warm for late February.

It’s been a very crazy month – not one week was very normal.  It was hard to get into a rhythm.  Add to that the sickness that we had in our church and our family and it was even stranger.  February saw us going to Canada twice – went on our pastor and spouse’s retreat – which was great.

It was good to be back in the pulpit after two weeks out.  The first week, I was sick and then last week we were in Canada.  It was a good service.  Almost everyone was at church this morning and we had a guest.  Very cool.

We are really getting ready for revival.  Rev. Joe Payne from Hess Road Wesleyan Church will be our evangelist.  We would ask for your prayers as McCrae Brook prepares for revival.

This past Friday night we once again headed over the hill to Bradford to help with Emmaus Road. This is a coffee-house style service.  I’ll need to get some video next week, when I lead worship again.  It is very different, but I love what First Wesleyan is trying to do.

This morning I preached about Jesus’ testing in the wilderness.  The video is below.  This week, I feel God is calling me to preach from John 3:1-17.  We are going to look at the new birth as we journey to the cross.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Blessings…




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