1000 Gifts (Continued)

I have hit a milestone…

I have been on a journey since January 2014 making a list of thinks I am thankful for in my life. It started when I read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Occasionally, I write a blog about it is a way I can be accountable and keep on the journey. Last week I hit a milestone of two hundred things I was thankful for and I even went passed that milestone. To some it may not seem like something big to make a big deal but when you are on a journey milestone should be celebrated. Here are the news things to make the list.

  1. Dale go a second job
  2. A large gift of food
  3. finding a lost cell phone
  4. Money for a hair cut
  5. we do not have to cut wood to heat our house
  6. My Yankee candle to cover the bad smell of the house
  7. The black cat that hangs out in our back yard
  8. The sun after a couple of dark days
  9. A surprise gift
  10. One of the children I had in Jr church in my last church went on a mission trip
  11. Anna subbing teaching on a regular bases
  12. Snow
  13. Someone who helps plow us out
  14. Life goes on when it snows
  15. A warm home
  16. running water
  17. The female pastor who plowed the path for me so I could be a pastor
  18. Clean water
  19. A great husband
  20. The beauty of winter
  21. A new grand daughter
  22. Warm weather
  23. Bird singing
  24. Green grass
  25. Anna is teaching
  26. lots of times Dale can drive bus
  27. Warm weather (it has been our first northern winter in a long time)
  28. time with all my family
  29. A new doctor (since we moved we had a hard time finding a doctor here)
  30. Friends to wish me a Happy Birthday
  31. Spending time with other pastor couples
  32. A great DS and his wife
  33. Kids showing up at church.

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