Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s Sunday evening, so it must be time for this week’s edition of Sunday Night Thoughts.  In weather news, which is where I normally start, we are back to winter in Eldred.  Since about Wednesday it has been snowing – mostly snow showers.  We have about two inches on the ground.  We got off easy – some places to our north got much more.  By the end of the week, it will be much colder, but statistically speaking it is the coldest week of the year, so cold weather is normal.  We had two weeks of rather unseasonably warm weather and no snow, so it’s nice to get back to it.

We are getting ready for the birth of our next grand baby. Her due date is the end of this week.  It was good to talk with Rebecca, Michael and Robert this past week.  I am so thankful for technology like Skype and Facetime.  We are looking forward to her arrival and can’t wait to see her.

I looks like my driving job is finally starting to go like I want it.  I got in almost a full week last week, and this week looks good as well.  It’s challenging at the end of the week, but I’m loving the opportunity.

This past Wednesday night we had a wonderful Spirit-filled, Spirit-let prayer meeting.  As the prayer meeting progressed it became clear that God is calling us to revival and more importantly he is calling us to have revival start with us.  God is doing a great work here at McCrae Brook and I continue to look forward to what he has in store.

This week we get to met with our local pastors.  We have a great local community clergy association.  We are preparing for a Lenten series of services.  Again, I am looking forward to what God has in store.

This past Friday night, my family led worship with our friends at First Wesleyan Church in Bradford.  They are doing a Friiday night worship service at a local coffee house in downtown Bradford.  The Wesleyan Church has been talking about Made New gatherings.  This service is one of those.  We will continue to partner with our friends there.

This morning we had a good service at McCrae Brook.  From the very beginning the theme is what the Lord requires of us.  We sang songs like “I Am Resolved” and “I Will Follow Jesus.” I preached on Pioneers.  It really was a very short lesson on the history of The Wesleyan Church.  Many were pleasantly surprised at the history of our church.  My challenge was to ask God to start revival in each one of us.

In just a few weeks, we will be holding revival services in our church.  Please be praying for our church as we have these services.

That’s about all I have for tonight.  See you next week.


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