The Longest Night

longestnight2Last night I did something for the first time.  I led our church in a Longest Night Service.  This service could also be known as a “Blue Christmas” service.  “What is a Longest Night Service?” you ask.   It is a service designed to comfort – it can be a place for lament – it can be a place for grieving.  It is designed to be on the longest night of the year – the first day of winter. The service itself is simple.  We kept the music low key, using a combination of Advent and Christmas songs.  The litany is simple – all focused on Christ and how He can be our comfort.  I love candles and this service is great for candles.  I had candles everywhere.

This service was good for our church. Although we are a small church, it seems like there are many who have lost loved ones in this season. We have had some lose loved ones just this year.  It was a service that I have heard about and have wanted to try. I can say that it will probably be something that we do next year.  I’m actually hoping to invite our community to the service and invite the participation of the area churches and clergy.  We have a great community clergy association.

I do want to thank my friend Mark Wilson for several service ideas.  In addition, several of the elements from our service are from this resource.

Here is the script for our service.


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