Waiting Here for You: An Advent Journey of Hope


Last year, Pam and I were Christmas shopping and came across this Advent devotional by Louie Giglio.  It’s called Waiting Here for You: An Advent Journey of Hope. It’s something that we try to do each year leading up to Christmas.  Louie Giglio is founder of the Passion movement and pastors a church in the Atlanta area.

What I love about this devotional is the idea of waiting.  It’s not something that we like to do and yet that is what Advent is all about.  This is a great devotional for several reasons – there is a scripture, a short meditation, a song, and a prayer.  What I love about the song section is that Giglio didn’t use contemporary or modern songs, even though he is part of the movement that has given us many great modern worship songs, but he uses ancient songs.  Most of the songs that he uses pre-date the songs found in most hymnals you will find in the pew.  There are some great gems in there.  Pam and I have really enjoyed this devotional and while it is set up for a particular year – you can use it anytime. We just went by the dates on the top of the page, even though it didn’t quite line up with the Sundays.  Below, I’ve included the trailer for the book.  I hope you check it out.


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