Advent Songs

Advent songs.pngLast week, I told you that we were going to look at the songs of Advent.  Several years ago I wrote this article:

Advent Hymns

It was a little bit of a lament of the lack of Advent hymns and songs.  During this Advent, Pam and I have been working through the devotional “Waiting Here for You” by Louie Giglio.  He is one of the founders of the Passion Conferences.  He and Chris Tomlin and others are part of the Passion movement and have been responsible for a good amount of worship music.  The cool thing about this devotional is that Louie uses ancient songs for most of the Advent devotionals.  Occasionally, he will use something modern, but for the most part of of the Advent hymns that he quotes are from the 16th century or earlier.  One of the first that we discovered on this journey was “Creator of the Stars of Night.”  There is a video at the bottom of this post that is a new arrangement of this ancient chant and great Advent song.

In a light-hearted moment last week I said that maybe I should bring an obscure Advent hymn to church this week, which reminded me of this video:

I thought I would share some of my Advent “finds” with you.  Many of these finds are several centuries old and some are newer.

  • Celebrate Immanuel’s Name | Words: Charles Wesley | Music: Foundery Collection (1742) (AMSTERDAM) | | Public Domain
  • Come Thou Long Expected Jesus | Words: Charles Wesley (1744) | Tune: Rowland H. Prichard (1830) (HYFRYDOL) | | Public Domain
  • Creator of the Stars of Night | Latin Hymn – 7th Century | Music: Plainsong (9th century) (CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM) | L.M. | Public Domain
  • Hark the Glad Sound | Philip Doddridge \ Thomas Haweis | (RICHMOND) | Public Domain
  • He Comes to Us As One Uknown | Charles Hubert Hastings Parry \ Timothy Dudley-Smith | (REPTON) |  1973, 1984 Hope Publishing
  • Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord | Heinrich Held (1643) Translator: Catherine Winkworth | (NUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILAND) | | Public Domain
  • Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending | Charles Wesley (1758) | Henry Smart | (REGENT SQUARE) | | Public Domain
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel | Words: Latin Hymn – 12th century | Music: Plainsong (VENI EMMANUEL)
              L.M. w. Ref | Public Domain
  • Of the Father’s Love Begotten | Words: Aurelius C. Prudentius (4th century) | Music: Plainsong (13th century) (DIVINUM MYSTERIUM) | Public Domain
  • Once He Came in Blessing | Johann Roh (1544) | Michael Weisse, Gottes Sohn ist kommen,1531 | Public Domain
  • The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns | Words: Greek, tr. John Brownlie (1907) | Music: Annanias Davisson (1816) | (MORNING SONG)
    C.M. | Public Domain
  • Wake Awake for the Night Is Flying |  | Catherine Winkworth \ Philipp Nicolai | (WACHET AUF)
    Public Domain
  • Wait for the Lord | Communauté de Taizé
    1991, Ateliers et Presses de Taizé, GIA Publications, Inc.

I have also created a Spotify playlist with some great Advent songs idea. [link]


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