Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Good Sunday evening to you all.  It has been a good week here in the Brook.  I had started to write this much earlier, but am just getting around to it now.  Last Sunday night, we Facetimed some good friends of ours in anticipation of them heading to El Salvador on Wednesday morning on a missions trip.  It was good to talk to them again and pray for them as they go.  Speaking of missions – we are looking at putting together a trip to our Native American Chapel, possibly this summer.  We are looking to partner with some of our friends at Parkway and McCrae Brook.  I am getting used to trying to get things done on the early side of the week, because of working on Wednesday through Friday.

It was good to meet once again for our prayer meeting.  We were off last week because of Thanksgiving.  Last night our board met for dinner and that was a great time of fellowship.  This week, Pam and I get to go to our community ministerial meeting – we are looking forward to that.  We also went out and started advertising for our Christmas services.  We are looking forward to that and this Saturday we are using an idea we picked up at Parkway – a Cookie Swap.  It was always a good time.  We are looking to make this part of the tradition at McCrae Brook.  We also said goodbye to one of our snowbirds – they will be back in the spring.

This morning we had a good service – as we continue our preparation for Christmas. It was a good service – although it looks like the bug hurt our attendance this morning.

We are trying to get used to the colder weather – it has snowed every day and been cloudy since early last week.  It looks like more of the same for this week.  That being said we are encouraged by what God is doing and looking forward to ministering to our community during Advent and Christmas.  Blessings….


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