November Running Summary

15267661_10153918385721987_5002243670724247957_nNovember was another good month on the running front.  While I was not able to hit 100 miles again this month, I was able to surpass several benchmarks.  My total mileage for the month of November was 88.6.  This allowed me to surpass my November average of 84.66 and my 2016 monthly average of 86.67.  This brings me to 953 miles for 2016, which is already 100 miles more than I ran last year.  This really helps me set my goals for December.

Of the seven years I have been running, I have only surpassed 100 miles three times, most of those when I was doing some serious mileage.  100 miles would be really nice, but it may not be realistic.  I need 47 miles to get to 1,000 miles – if I do that I would pass last December at 45 miles.  My goal is to run at least 50 miles.  My December average is 74.  That would be really cool if I made that.  I would like to surpass my monthly average for the year – as already mentioned that is 86.67.  If I do, I would end up with over 1,040 miles for the year which would be better than 2009, 2010 and 2015.  This would also put me in great shape to start the new year.

That’s about all I have – as always, I am pressing on!

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