Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Well, it finally happened.  “What is that?” you ask.  It snowed.  Actually, when we packed up the truck and moved to Eldred, I wasn’t quite expecting the weather we have had leading up to now.  I feel quite fortunate that our first snow happened the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I would have expected – at least in a normal year – that we would have seen snow before this.  Interestingly enough, this morning reminded me of the first Sunday of April in 2016.  It was the Sunday that we candidated in Eldred.  It snowed that morning – about two or three inches – and we had the same today.  One of the major differences from that April (also a lake effect storm) was that it has snowed all day – really no more accumulation – but it has been snowing and it is windy.

The weather has been quite unusual.  This week I went out running several times in just a running shirt and shorts.  One day it was actually hot running.  Yesterday morning I went out for a run and in the hour that I was out, the temperature when up 15 degrees – not long after it plummeted in the opposite direction.  The day started at 32, warmed quickly to 55 around 11 and by four it was back to 32. Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and the high will be right around 34 – the coldest day so far.  I might try for a run, but I don’t know yet.

We have had a good week.  I have started my regular runs of driving van.  Pam and I headed to Buffalo for our monthly pastor’s meeting.  It was good as we talked about caring for the pastor’s soul.  The topic around the table was the upcoming snow, especially for us here on the Northern/Southern Tier.

We had a good service this morning at McCrae Brook.  The snow dampened our attendance a little bit.  Compared to that April morning, when we had 16, we had 21 this morning.  I preached on the Reign of Christ.  We have started videoing our services and they are available on Youtube at this [link.]

This week we start preparing for Thanksgiving.  Pam and I are preaching at the community service on Tuesday evening – after we pick up James from Houghton.  I also have to get ready to preach for Sunday as we are going to see family.  So the first part of our week will be busy.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Blessings….


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