Running Update


I realized that I haven’t done a running update in a while, probably since the end of last month.  It seems that the moment that running is happening in spits and spurts. That that I really like that, because the cold air is coming.  There have been days that I just haven’t felt like running even though the weather was nice enough to run.  The last two days I forced myself out.  I’m not getting any faster, but at the moment, I’m not getting any slower.  I’m still hoping although the window to do it this month is closing to get in 100 miles.  I need 100 miles to get in 1,000 miles this year.  Not bad because at the halfway point I was no where close – only my crazy getting out there every day in August, September, and October made that happen.  As snow moves in today, we will have to see if my running paths say open.  That may or may not make the difference in whether I get to 1,000 miles or not.  I have 60 miles for this month – I’d like to get to 83 because that is my monthly average for this year.  If I could do that in both the remaining months, I would be very happy.  Pressing On!


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