My Thanksgiving Journey (Continued)

A couple of months ago I started on my thanksgiving journey — which is coming up with one thousand things I am thankful for. When I started this adventure, I decided to put my list on our blog so I have a place where I can have accountabillity to reach my goal. I had a problem keeping up with my list in the past couple of months because we moved. I packed my One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp. (It actually has a place where you write a list in the back of the book) for the move and forgot which box I put it in. Then I had to wait to unpack the office boxes because when we got here the church decided to update the office. Dale finished painting and unpacking the books. He found it for me, so I sat down and tried to remember things I was thankful for in the past couple of months. The list not chronological.

133 a flower blooming

134 safety on the road

135 memories of a loved one

136 having fun with siblings

137 everything we have (this one is while we were packing)

138 books to read

139 baby animals

140 soda

141 shoes

142 beautiful weather to walk

143 rain when we needed it bad

144 friends who helped us move

145 Western New York District of the Wesleyan Church

146 a place to buy a 32 oz soda

147 eyes to read books

148 our kids playing and having fun

149 fog that makes the world beautiful

150 safety on our move

151 a cute grandson singing Happy Birthday to Pop

152 rain that comes in a drought

153 card stock to make cards

154 essential oils

155 warm towels from the dryers

156 notes from friends

157 a couple in love at their wedding

158 seeing the Mississippi River

159 spending time with great friends

160 friends that we can send Christmas cards

161 Warm days in October to walk

162 a body that still can go on walks and hikes

163 the beauty of a duck flying off a creek

164 living in a beautiful place

165 seeing God’s love in the different colors he gave us

166 fun with the family

167 a time alone (do not have my own office or place of my own)

168 going to Buffalo for the day

169 exploring new places

170 the changing seasons


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