Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Night Thoughts – live to you from the McCrae Brook Valley.  It was a gorgeous early November day here – lots of sun, relatively warm temperatures.  By now most of the leaves have fallen – except for the oak leaves.  We got to walk through a pile of those today as we visited the Alleghany River Valley Trail.  This trail has several loops that pass through Olean and Allegany, NY.  The loop that we were on today, runs 2.5 miles.  It was a nice way to energize ourselves on this Sunday afternoon.  Especially considering I didn’t get in a run yesterday.  I think it is going to be a struggle to get to 100 miles this month.  But I am planning on a long run tomorrow.

It was a busy weekend here at McCrae Brook.  Last night we had our annual Harvest Dinner.  I was very pleased as we had 36 people here, which is the largest attendance we have had at any event since our arrival.  We had a good crowd this morning.  It was nice to see the sun earlier than we have seen it and yet by 6 tonight it was dark.  We have been having cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Earlier in the week, I was really having trouble staying focused.  I hope that doesn’t happen in the early part of this week.  This week I have to put together a slide presentation for our Veteran’s Day Celebration this coming weekend.  I will be preaching from Ephesians 6 – a message titled “Stand Up, Stand Firm, Stand Out” – based on Paul’s description of the Armor of God.  I am looking forward to this coming weekend.

We continue to be in prayer for our country as this Tuesday is Election Day.  It has been the craziest campaign season I have ever seen.  I am praying that as we go to the polls on Tuesday – we will go with godly wisdom and discernment.

This week I start my first bus run – I am excited about that.  This past week, I went out in a mini bus – small enough that I don’t need my CDL.  I had to drive it through a serpentine – forward twice, then turned it around and drove through it backward twice and then in addition to that I had to parallel park the bus both to the left and to the right.  It went very well and the next day, we went out and scoped out where I would be picking up students.  It is two morning runs – so I will still be able to get out and run in the afternoon.

We did have a good service this morning and God gave me the words – despite my headset mike trying to get the best of me.  We prayed for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering persecution, simply for being Christian.  If you look at Friday’s post, you will see links to several of the organizations that support our brothers and sisters in the fight.  I am excited to announce our revival services for this spring.  Rev. Joe Payne will be our evangelist.  Be praying for our revival services that we now have scheduled for March.  We are looking forward to what God is already doing and what he will continue to do.

That’s all I’ve got for this week…Blessings.


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