Cubs Win the World Series

cxll4jrk_400x400Like many in the Eastern Time Zone, I was up late last night – in fact, I should say this morning.  It was a short night for me and for many who stayed up to watch history in the making.  This year’s World Series featured the two teams in Major League Baseball that had the longest World Series Championship droughts.

Last night’s game brought back so many memories.I remember as a kid watching the Phillies.  It was as a teenager that the Phillies experienced some great years 1976 through 1983.  I will never forget the 1980 playoffs as the Phillies faced the Astros and then the Royals for the World Series.  As I watched the game last night, many of the feelings I had back then for the game came back.  I have been fortunate to see the Phillies play in several World Series – 1980, 1983, 1993, 2008, and 2009.  I can only imagine how Cubs fans felt this year.  Would this be the year that they could finally say “This is this year.”  No more, “Wait till next year.”

A pastoral acquaintance of mine on Facebook – who likes the Royals, said that he hoped the World Series went seven games and into extra innings, so that he could savor the Royals championship as long as possible.  I believe he got his wish.  It almost looked as if the Cubs would have to wait till next year.  They were down 3 games to one and had to win three games – on the road.  I wasn’t able to watch all the games – but I was ecstatic to be able to  watch last night’s game – it had all the drama of a classic match up. I was rooting for the Cubs like they were the Phillies.

One of the crazy parts was when the rain delay came along.  I thought “really?”  I have watched the Phillies play championship games in much worse conditions than last night.  The two that come to mind are the Phillies and Dodgers NLCS in 1977 and the 2008 World Series against Tampa Bay.  In 2008 there was standing water on the field before they called the game.

I made the decision to watch the game to the end – and I am glad I did – the drama didn’t end when the Cubs took the lead in the top of the 10th. The Indians were able to add some drama of their own.  In the wee hours of this morning, the Cubs beat the Indians and are now the World Champions.

Congratulations to the Cubs and to all my long-standing Cub fan friends – FLY THE W!


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