Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Apparently I am more tired than I thought.  Over the last few minutes, I’ve done some strange posting – and this is a reattempt at Sunday Night Thoughts.  Tonight I am writing from our church’s “War Room.” It is our Fellowship Hall and it is also the basement of the parsonage.  As I write I am listening to a CD called “Music Inspired by the Story.” The songs are inspired by the stories in the Bible.  Starting next week, this will also be one of our Sunday School rooms.  We are starting a new young adult Sunday School class, for which I am excited.

The weather up here has been a little different – and yet we haven’t gotten our first snow – not even snow flurries – in fact this Wednesday, the temp is supposed to be 68.  It is interesting to see that there are still quite a few leaves on the trees.  I am surprised that November 1st is right around the corner and yet there are still as many leaves on the trees as there are.  We have had some cool and blustery days – Thursday and Friday.

My primary task this week was painting our office.  It’s not finished  – the painting is but not all the decorating – as soon as it is we will get some pictures up.  The good news is that – except for a few minor things – we are unpacked from our move!

This week we have our regular meeting with the local ministerial pastors and on Saturday we have our church’s annual Harvest Dinner.  Really looking forward to that.

Today was an awesome day – God is on the move at McCrae Brook – and I believe that it is because we are bathing our church in prayer.  It was so dreary this morning and yet God showed up in a mighty way.  We had over 25 in worship – that means we had over 25 in worship every Sunday in October.  Our average is a little higher than that.  Thank you for your prayers – God is working among us – and we are continuing to pray for revival – not only at our church – but in our community and the surrounding areas.  We are planning on a revival this spring.  We would appreciate your prayers.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Blessings….


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