Running Update

14900478_10153845282216987_3832735743317826690_nI had a welcome surprise as I went out to run on this last Saturday of October.  The temperature was 50 degrees.  Not bad for the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.  I have been struggling to get in my mileage this month and was concerned at one point that I wouldn’t get in my 100 miles.  The good news is that on Thursday I surpassed 100 miles for October and between, running and walking added another seven today.  With plans to do a long run on Monday, I should be able to get into the mid 110’s.  That makes three months in a row with over 100 miles and the fourth month this year at over 100.  One month I had 95.  As of today I have 136 miles to go to get to 1,000 miles for the year.  That’s about 75 miles for November and December.  I’d like to be over 100 for November if possible, because over the years December has been a struggle – and it will be colder here than it was in Virginia.  My runs have been averaging right around a 9:15 mile – not terrible.  I need to take off a few pounds in order to get faster.  Right now I want to get into a maintenance mode for the winter and be ready to prepare for next year’s Park-to-Park Half Marathon in Virginia.  I would like to finish that in under 2 hours.

As you can see, I am pleased with how things are going at the moment.  Pressing On!


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