Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Yes, I am really early with this.  It has been a crazy week, and even though we haven’t been on the road the entire week, it sure feels like it.  At least this week, I am writing from the comfort of my own house.  It has been great to see all of our kids this week.  Last Sunday afternoon, following worship, we headed up to Winchester, ON.  We spent time with them celebrating a Canadian Thanksgiving.  It was really good to be with them.  I got to play and read with my grandson, and we are now looking forward to the arrival of a granddaughter – sometime after the new year.

On the way home – we took a side trip to Houghton (yes, we were there again.) We will soon have been to Houghton in one year as many times as we were to Southern Wesleyan in six.  We picked James up for Fall Break.  In a surprising turn of events, James did not sleep through his break the way the girls did.  We have had quite the interesting conversations over the last five days.

Yesterday, we took James to one of my new favorite places to visit – the Kinzua Bridge State Park.  We even hiked down to the bottom of the valley and back – which proved to be quite a challenge in both directions.  We had a lot of fun doing that.

It was one of those weeks that I had to keep focusing on my sermon – with being away and having James home for break.  I’m not used to writing sermons on such a regular basis.  Yesterday we also had our first men’s breakfast at McCrae Brook.  We had about 10 men there and it was a great time.  This afternoon while I take James back to Houghton, Pam will be hosting a ladies fellowship.  James and I even went to the local barber shop.  It’s been forever since I have been in a barbershop.  We even got to meet some of the locals.

This morning was one of those special mornings – the last few meetings that we have had have been special – especially on Wednesday evenings.  The Holy Spirit met with us as we worshiped this morning.  I love Holy Spirit inspired services.  We continue to look forward to what God has in store for us at McCrae Brook.

This week I do driver training for the local school bus company – I will be working as a sub – hopefully I will be able to do some driving next week.  Oh, and by the way, we are finally completely official residents of Pennsylvania – both cars now have permanent registrations!  We also head to Buffalo for our monthly district leadership meeting.  Really looking forward to that.  That’s about all I have for this week.  Blessings….Dale



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