Sunday Night Thoughts

Tonight I am writing my Sunday Night Thoughts from Winchester, Ontario. In a connection to Wesleyan history. George Beverly Shea was born here in Winchester the son of a Wesleyan Methodist pastor.  There is still a Wesleyan church here in Winchester and I hope to meet the pastors this week.  

We are here for Canadian Thanksgiving and as was the case last year, we are watching baseball.  The Blue Jays are in the playoffs, and hoping to advance with a win tonight.  Tomorrow we will celebrate thanksgiving with my daughters family.  It was nice to have just a six hour trip to Canada.  

Before we came up, we had a good service at McCrae Brook this morning. Our church hosted a pastors appreciation luncheon for us following worship.  We love where God has called us and we love the people and fall more in love with them each day.  We are so thankful for this congregation in the rural Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Yesterday we spent the day up at Houghton College for Parent’s Weekend.  We had a great time sending it with James who is now the Freshman class secretary of the Student Government Association.  We are proud of James.  Yesterday he reprised his role as a mascot reminding us of his days at Chick-fil-A. 

That’s about all I’ve got for tonight.  Blessings…


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