Purple & Gold 5K

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This fall I was planning on running a race.  I had done some research and saw the that YMCA in Warren, PA (about an hour from here) was holding a half-marathon.  Just after James started at Houghton, he told us about Homecoming & Family Weekend.  Like most colleges, Houghton has a homecoming 5K. This one is called the Purple & Gold 5K.  It’s been forever (or so it seems) since I ran a 5K race.  So several weeks ago, I started training – not specifically for a 5K but just for racing.  This morning my only goal was to finish under 27 minutes.  The great news is that I was able to accomplish that goal.  In addition, I ran this race at an 8:35/minute mile pace. Not blistering fast, but much faster than anything that I have run lately.  I finished 30th out of 80 racers.  Official timing put my time at 26:39.5 – which was slightly faster than my watch.  Also I found out during this race that my GPS watch tends to measure the miles long – which is better than short.  I’d rather have it measure my distance long, because that just makes racing better.

So I am happy about today’s race and I continue to Press On!

P.S – the results are HERE


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