Running Update

14445998_10153774072461987_7647197261166200134_nOctober has arrived and here in the Brook the leaves are starting to change. Over the last couple of days, I’ve had the challenge of running or not in the rain.  Yesterday I started in the rain. Today I finished in the rain.

So September was milestone month.  For the first time since the fall of 2014 I was able to run 100 miles in back to back months.  It’s even better than that.  I ran or walked 150 miles in September.  The last time I ran more than that was in September of 2013 and I was training for the Richmond Marathon.  Over the last two months I have run 268 miles – to put that in perspective – I have run around 750 miles for the year. So in the last two months, I have accumulated 2/3’s of my total mileage.  So the last two month have been a nice change of pace.  Slowly but surely I am getting faster.  I’m finally seeing sub-9 minute paces occasionally on my watch.  Last week I had a run that was all under a 9 minute mile pace, but I had to change things up this week because of my schedule, so this week ended up with not just one back to back day but two back to back days.  One on Monday and Tuesday, the other yesterday and today.

All in all, everything is really gelling at this point.  Just trying to lose a little weight and pick up the pace.  Pressing On!


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