Running Update

x354-q80Here we are on the last Saturday of September.  Two months ago we were celebrating our first Sunday at McCrae Brook Wesleyan Church.

Since we have moved here my running routine has really evolved into something much more than it had been.  It has been feeling good and for the first time in over a year, I feel like I am accomplishing something in the area of running.  It hasn’t been easy to re-establish, but things are going well.

So far I have 127 miles (now that includes walking and running miles.) The last time I had that many miles in a month was June of 2014.  That month I ran and walked 140 miles.  At the moment I have an outside chance to beat that.  If I do that means I’ve walked and ran more miles this month than I did since October of 2013 – which was the month before the Richmond Marathon.  That’s wild!

Not only am I picking up the miles, this week I ran (just running not including walks) almost 30 miles.  In addition to that I ran a 7 miler at under a 9 minute mile pace. I haven’t run that distance at that pace in a long time – probably sometime back in 2014, since that is where it seems all fell apart.  I am really confident at the moment – as long as I can stay healthy – the last two years have involved a lot of pain and injury – that I can kick-start – hopefully before the cold sets in too much here.

I do have a race in the future.  I will be running the Purple and Gold 5K at Houghton College for Parent’s Weekend.  I don’t expect to place – I don’t think I have that kind of stamina yet.  So as you can tell I am happy with where my running is at the moment and I continue to press on!

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