Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

The final Sunday of the summer is in the books.  This was a different kind of week in our new location since I didn’t have to prepare a sermon.  We had missionaries who are heading to Czech Republic be with us today.  That means I had some time to do some other things.

Fall is slowly, but surely coming to the Twin Tiers (We are in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the area of New York State that is just above us is called the Southern Tier) Together they are known as the Twin Tiers since they rely on each other.  Many of the people who live in this area of Pennsylvania, hop across the border to shop in nearby Olean, NY.  The leaves have begun to change color. We really haven’t had too many cold mornings, although we did have one 38 degree morning so far.  Last night we had some excitement – for a few moments we were under a tornado warning.  According to the NWS, this area gets about two tornado warnings a year.  This one was unusual in that it was late in the summer. We are going to have a couple of 80 degree days early this week.  I never expected that up here.

We had our second board meeting since arriving and then on Thursday, Pam and I headed to Hamburg, NY to attend our first Leadership Development meeting for the district.  It was good to get to know some of the district pastors better.  Following that meeting, we went to the district office for new pastor’s orientation.  Our district office and the meeting were just a mile or two from New Era Field (the home of the Buffalo Bills) who just so happened to be playing the New York Jets on Thursday Night.  It was a bit crazy as we tried to get out of Buffalo.  We are getting used to the trip now and it doesn’t seem near as long.

We had a really good service this morning as we hosted Kevin and Cindy Austin.  From the moment we walked in we could sense the Holy Spirit working.  Following the service we were able to have lunch with the Austins here in the parsonage.

This afternoon, we (me) decided to go for a long walk – at least longer than usual.  It ended up being over 5 miles – and it was hot – for New York (We walked on a trail at St. Bonaventure University) at this time of year – and humid.  It took the energy out of all of us.  So now we are all resting as we get ready for a new week.

That’s about all I’ve got tonight – have a great week!

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