Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

As I write this, the sun is shining beautifully on the hill across from the house.  We have a beautiful picture window that faces it, so I can see it from the dining room where I am typing this.  The days are beginning to get shorter and tonight we get our first real taste of cooler weather. We are supposed to wake up to 42 degrees in the morning.  I’m going to take advantage of that and go for a long run – I love long runs on Monday mornings.

It has been a good week. This past Monday we spent Labor Day doing some touristy things. The first thing we did was go to the Kinzua Bridge.  (click on the link for more info.) We continued our tourist trip by going to Bradford, PA and visiting the Zippo/Case Museum.  It was interesting to see the history behind these famous lighters and knives.  That was how we spent Monday.  Tuesday I had a good meeting with another Wesleyan pastor as we talked about partnering together.  Wednesday morning we met with the local Otto-Eldred Ministerial.  We looked at our community Thanksgiving service and about putting together a Baccalaureate service this spring.  I am looking forward to how that is going to work out and would ask for your prayers.

Wednesday night we had our first prayer meeting at McCrae Brook.  We met in the basement of the parsonage which also serves as our fellowship hall and now our prayer meeting room.  I was very encouraged by the turnout.  I really believe that God is up to something here and these prayer meetings are just the start.

Thursday evening, Anna and I were asked to be guest worship leaders at Hillside Wesleyan in Olean.  Hillside is pastored by Rick Long and he invited us to lead worship at their Thursday evening service – this is an acoustic styled service with a conversational-dialogue style teaching.  We were joined by an acoustic bass player.  It was good to worship with our fellow Wesleyans.

As you can see it was a busy week and add to that we were trying to help James because his hard drive died in his laptop, so yesterday we headed up to Houghton to help him get that corrected.  Then we came home and went to a cook-out with members of our church.  It has been a warm, humid week and last night we had thunderstorms.

That led to a change in the weather.  Today has been much cooler than the days leading up to it and tomorrow, as I already mentioned we will wake up to 42 degrees.

We had a good morning of worship this morning at McCrae Brook.  It was one of those sermons that I struggled to put together.  Although I believe it was worth it.  It was well received.  This afternoon we relaxed and I watched Buffalo Bills football.  The Bills are the local team here and all the stores have Buffalo Bills merchandise.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Have a great one!

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