Running Update

running legsSo the good running pattern that I established in August has continued into September, despite the fact that September here feels much like a Virginia August (at least at the moment.) It looks like our weather will be taking a turn for the cooler over the next week.

After August’s trendsetting pace, I have followed that up with 50 miles already for the month.  This is despite the fact that I have failed to get in any long distance mileage – at least yet.  I plan on taking advantage of Monday’s low in the 40’s to get out and do something long – like 10 miles.

In racing news, I have decided to run the Purple and Gold 5K at Houghton College during Parent’s Weekend in October.  I was originally planning a half marathon for that date – but our son asked if we were coming to parent’s weekend and we said yes.  While a 5k is not a half-marathon, it is a race and I haven’t done any of that lately, so I am looking forward to it and it’s only $10.

I’m hoping I can keep up the mileage. It looks as if the heavy duty mileage is finally making a difference.  Perseverance – pressing on – that is what it is all about.

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