Labor Day

Today we celebrate the unofficial last day of summer. In many places the kids have been back to school for several weeks. Here in Pennsylvania they just went back to school a week ago. Just across the border in New York State, they start tomorrow. As I mentioned last night, the leaves are just beginning to change color. But those are not the reason we celebrate Labor Day. Over the last few days I’ve noticed all the “Labor Day Sales.” As that is the reason we celebrate. The retail industry doesn’t know a holiday it doesn’t like to commemorate with a sale, but that’s a subject for another day.

Today we celebrate the American worker. Our country is full of hard working people. Sometimes we forget that. Many of those hard working people are working today…on their day. Most of those work in some kind of retail capacity, but other – such as nurses and doctors, firefighters, the police work on this day as well. I was reminded of that on my run this morning. It was so quiet as I headed out, because many workers were staying home.  In the first two miles, only four cars passed me and one of those was Pam on her way to walk.

Today lets remember the hard workers of America…and be especially nice to those you meet who are working today!


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