Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

It is Sunday night, August 28th.  That means I’m writing this on my birthday.  I was looking back through my memories on Facebook this morning around five years ago, I celebrated my birthday by having the youth take over our worship service.  That morning James preached and did a great job…this morning was quite different.  This morning James was off at college.

This past Friday, we packed up the van and took James up to Houghton, NY – the home of Houghton College.  It is weird because he is only an hour away and yet it seems as far away as the girls were when they were at Southern Wesleyan.  It’s just very strange not having him around the house.  I know that he is deep in the orientation weekend by now and classes start tomorrow.

Yesterday, we also said goodbye to our kids in Canada as Michael, Rebecca, and Robert headed back to the great, white north.  It is always good to have them visit and at least now they are much closer.  We got the chance to take Robert out to the park one afternoon.  Robert has an interest in soccer so we kicked the ball around in the back yard as well.  We even got out James’ wagon and had him roll down the hill in the back yard.  I really need to get my sled back home for this winter when we have snow.

For the most part we are not residents of Pennsylvania – having official driver’s license – registration and we had one of the cars inspected.  We are waiting on the title transfer of the other vehicle, which will take a few weeks.  I’m really hoping that we get to “settle” in this week and get to some sense of normalcy.

We had a good service at McCrae Brook Wesleyan.  You will notice that the spelling has changed several times, but after some research, I have discovered that the above spelling is the official spelling, so I have been working to get our internet presence all the same so that people can find us.  This morning we looked at the topic of worship and that it is one of the reasons that the church exists.

That’s about all I have for this week…have a great one!

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