Grieving Parent’s Month

[From Dale: Due to us moving, everything has been kind behind on the blog.  This should have went up a few weeks ago.  I do apologize.]

A couple of days ago Dale was on Facebook and saw  one of his co-workers status. It was about a son who died four years ago. We learned that July is Grieving Parents’ Awareness month. I want to bring this to everyone attention because Dale and I know a couple of parents who have lost their children. We have seen them all live with the loss of child in different ways.

When I had our oldest daughter my mother started to talk about my sister who died hours after birth. It was long time before parents would take the time and money to bury the baby. Instead my parents gave the body to science to help others’ children. My parents did not talk about Rebecca as far as I know till I our oldest daughter was born.

Just a couple of years ago, one of the couples in our church’s 17 month old girl was hit by a 16 year old behind the wheel of a SUV. It was hard as a pastor to help not only grieving parents but a church who were hit hard with grief.  We had to tell people we had no answers and are struggling to understand why God would let this happen. It has been a couple of years since we have seen the parents.  I am friends with the mother on Facebook and she shares the grief sometime.

I have a niece who has lost her son who was six months old from SIDS. Once again we sat at a funeral at a loss for answers. My niece has taken her grief to the internet with a blog. Not only that but her and husband has started a 5K to raise money for research for SIDS. I know the family is still hurting.

The past year Dale and I have been helping a church while we looked for a church. God called to this church because he knew that the pastor and his wife would lose their 32 year old son. They have been a great witness to God in this time of grieving.  I know that they have leaned on God for strength.  One of the people who have giving them hope is their grandson.

If you know a grieving parents and feel helpless. The best thing you can do is just be there.  Just knowing that someone is there just listen is a really big thing.


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