Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

This is my first Sunday Night Thoughts post from Eldred, PA.  Today was our first Sunday at McCrea Brook Wesleyan Church.  We had a great service on our first Sunday here.  It has been an action packed few days. It seems we have been doing nothing but packing and unpacking boxes and loading and unloading the truck since Monday.  It was good to get in a Sabbath’s days rest.  We have been using some of our time to explore our new home and its surroundings and I have even gotten in my first run here. We even started all those things that make us official residents of the state. I have been posting regular video updates on Facebook.  That’s about all I have for tonight. We are planning on heading up to Houghton College this week to attend at least one day of Refresh (our district’s campmeeting.) It will be good to meet some of our district family.  Other than that I need to explore a bi-vocational position and continue unpacking.   It’s been a good day!


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