Churches of Augusta County, Staunton and Waynesboro | Part 2

St. Mary and St. John the Baptist Coptic Church – this church is along Hermitage Road (Route 254) It has been in construction for what seems like forever.  I like the unique architecture.  Sorry about the trailer in front.

St. Mary and St. John the Baptist Coptic Church


Hermitage Presbyterian Church – This is one of several churches that along the route from Parkway to Waynesboro Wesleyan


Salvation Army – Staunton


Staunton Mennonite Church – this church is in Staunton, yet off the beaten path, just a block from most of my runs in Staunton


Third Presbyterian Church – Last time I told you there was a Third Presbyterian Church and here it is.


Grupert Avenue Church of God – One of the many churches I run by.


Allen Chapel AME – This congregation meets in the building formerly owned by Emmanuel Wesleyan Church – which then became Parkway Wesleyan Church


Christ Memorial United Methodist ChurchWebsite


Heaven’s Golden Gates Church – the first of several storefront churches I will be highlighting.


Waynesboro Wesleyan Church – this is where we have worshiped for the last year with Pastor Craig Horton. We will miss this dear congregation.


Marquis Memorial United Methodist Church – Website


Prophecy of Hope Church – Website




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