A Flood of Emotions

Our internet at home hasn’t been working very well, so you will notice that our posts on the blog have been few this week.  However tonight I am writing from the library.  This morning it really hit me that we are just a week from being in Eldred.  The house is almost packed.  There is still some cleaning to do and on Wednesday we will be loading the big yellow truck and heading north.

Sunday night the church we are attending will have a farewell for us.  Over the last few weeks, groups of friends have had various farewells for us, but Sunday night will be the last big hurrah.  I will be leading worship at Waynesboro Wesleyan.  If you are in the area the service begins at 6 PM.

Last night some dear friends invited us over to there house for dinner.  It was a wonderful time, but very bittersweet.  We will miss Kelly and Jeff and their daughter.  Along with a whole lot of other people as we say goodbye to the Shenandoah Valley.

This morning on my way to work, I was thinking about the great team I work with at Chick-fil-A.  I have just two more shifts with them.  It’s very bittersweet because we have a great team and we work hard together.

And yet, this week I posted something on a Facebook group that is related to the new place we are moving, just introducing myself.  I was overwhelmed with the comments welcoming us to our new locale.  It was one more confirmation that God had a plan all along.  Sometimes it is tough to trust the plan.  We are really excited as we get ready to move to Eldred, PA and begin the ministry at McCrea Brook Wesleyan Church.  We would covet your prayers as we go.


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