Sunday Night Thoughts

  • Sunday Night ThoughtsTonight I am writing this from Sheetz, because for some reason our internet at home is non-existent. Ever since the storms came through on Thursday the Internet has been a little hit and miss.
  • However, I am thankful that we have not experienced the devastation that West Virginia has experienced. We are praying for dear friends who are in the middle of it all and praying for those who are ministering and helping those in the affected areas.
  • This weekend was the beginning of our farewell tour. We had a picnic with some dear friends of ours last night. It was very bittersweet. But we are thankful and have built some more lifelong relationships here in the valley.
  • Today more friends took the family out to Red Lobster. It was a very good time and greatly appreciated. I don’t ever quite remember leaving a place being quite like this. We are thankful for good friends.
  • Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. Pam had an allergic reaction to something. We went to the emergency room and they took good care of us. Pam is back on the mend and feeling much better.
  • we continue to pack. In just three weeks, we will have our last Sunday here. That Sunday evening, we are having an evening of worship and I am really looking forward to it.
  • I did get some miles in running. Not as much as I would like, but they were some long distance miles.
  • In 28 days I will be writing my fist Sunday Night Thoughts from Eldred. We are nervous but excited about this ministry opportunity.
  • Thats it for tonight. Seize the day!

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