Garmin_forerunner_10_1For Father’s Day, my kids got me a Garmin Forerunner 10.  I am pretty excited about that.  You may wonder why.  It’s a cool little watch device that allows me to track my runs.  It has a built-in GPS – not so much to tell me my route – I still get to determine that – but to track my run – to tell me how far I’ve run and how fast.

Up until Sunday, I wore Timex Ironman watch, which got the job done.  However there was always the post run, checking the route, entering into Map My Run and then finding out how my run was.  My Ironman was/is a great runner’s watch.

However, I love the way the Garmin works.  If I want to go out and explore a new route, I can do that.  I know how far I’ve run and how long it has taken me to get there.  I love that feature.

One cool thing that happened today was toward the end of my run.  I had planned at least an 8 miler.  I wasn’t quite sure of the route, but I was using parts of routes that I had used in the past.  Whether it’s how the GPS tracks the route or mapping errors with Map My Run, the GPS miles are just a little longer than the map miles.  Most of my waypoints that I am used to are just a little off – and it gets worse the longer the run goes.

Anyhow, I was near the end of the run and my pace was in the 10:10/mile ballpark – not very fast – even for a long, slow, distance run (for me.) at the 8 mile mark, I decided to pick up the pace – the watch has real-time pace tracking.  I saw it go down to a 9:30/mile and pushed even harder.  With each update I was pushing my immediate pace down.  At one point in that last .5 mile, I had my pace under an 8 minute mile.  I was please with that and excited that I was able to push that hard after an 8 miler.

I think this just might be able to help my training and get me running faster again.

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